Frequently asked questions about Double Down Casino

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Frequently asked questions about Double Down Casino

Post by Vamp » Thu Mar 21, 2013 8:09 pm

Why can't I load Double Down Casino?

If you're unable to load the Double Down Casino application, you're experiencing poor performance, or some part of the game isn't working properly, there are some simple steps you can take that might resolve this quickly

First try the following:

Leave the game by closing the tab or window

Clear the browser's cache
Clear the browser's cookies
Log back in to the game in a new tab or window
The steps outlined above will help most of the time. If you're still having an issue, restart your browser. You may consider restarting your computer if necessary. Closing other applications may also help boost performance, particularly if you're running other online games as they would likely be competing for the same resources as the Double Down Casino application.

Still not working?

If possible, please try using a different browser. If you normally use Internet Explorer, try Firefox. For Mac users, Safari can be a substitute for Firefox. As always, when using a new browser to access the casino, make sure JavaScript is enabled and Flash is updated to the latest version. If the problem remains and you've been using Double Down Casino Facebook application, try entering Double Down Casino's site through If after trying all of the above you are still having issues loading your game, please contact DoubleDown Casino so that they can try and determine the cause of the issue

When you contact Double Down Casino, please let them know which browsers you’ve tried, any specific error messages you see (if any), and what symptoms you are experiencing. If the problem started recently, please let DoubleDown Casino know the date it started and if that corresponds to any changes to your computer setup. The more information you can provide the easier it will be for Double Down Casino to get to the root of the problem.

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Why is the payout wrong?

Payouts can get complex. It's easy to get confused about what your new chip total should be. Before contacting Double Down Casino about your payout being incorrect, please review the following information. You may find that you miscalculated your payout.

If you are playing slots or video poker be sure to check the pay table to verify the pay out. Click the pay table button while in game.

What you should do if you still believe your payout is incorrect

If you have reviewed Double Down Casino's article and you still feel that your payout is incorrect, please contact Double Down Casino to report the issue. Please be aware that Double Down Casino does not normally compensate for missed pay outs. Double Down Casino will review each case individually. Unless Double Down Casino can verify the missing payout, Double Down Casino can offer no chips in compensation.

When you contact Double Down Casino, Double Down Casino will need some information to help investigate the issue. Ideally you should have a screenshot of the winning hand/spin that shows what you were paid. If you don't have that then a detailed description of the winning screen will help. Double Down Casino will need to know your original wager, your actual payout and the expected payout. For Double Down Casino card games, Double Down Casino need to know your winning hand. For Slots, Double Down Casino will need to know what symbols paid out for you. If there were multiple payouts then please list all of them as well as the number of the payline (1-20) for each one.

Double Down Casino will use this information for two things. First Double Down Casino will try to verify your losses and return your missing chips. This, of course, assumes that Double Down Casino are able to verify the missing chips. Secondly Double Down Casino take all reports of errors in the casino and forward them to Double Down Casino's development team for investigation. The more information you provide, the easier it is to pinpoint the cause of an issue and the faster Double Down Casino can get it fixed.

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How are payouts calculated?

When you win at a casino game, the payout received is based on a handful of factors. This varies from game to game but the general rule is that the amount you wagered is multiplied by a number that is derived from your odds of winning. The more you wager the higher your risk but the larger the reward for winning

In Slots and Video Poker these payouts are presented in a "Pay Table" that is accessible from within the game. The table shows all the winning outcomes and the payout for each one based on your wager. For slots payouts, it is important to remember that all symbols pay left to right except scatters.

For Blackjack the payout is always 2:1 for each hand you play. If you bet 10,000 chips and win, you receive 20,000 chips back (the 10,000 you wagered plus 10,000 in winnings. The only exception is Blackjack (and ace and a 10 or face card) which pays at 3:2, or one and a half times the wager.

The payout for Roulette depends on what the odds for each space are. For example, betting on a single number pays 35:1 or 35 times your wager on that number. Betting on "odd" pays 2:1, or $2 for each $1 wagered.

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Why is my chip total wrong?

There are a couple reasons why your chip total might appear inaccurate.
Occasionally, when Double Down Casino's games are experiencing heavy traffic, there is a delay in the recording of winnings and losses by Double Down Casino's servers. In the worst cases, these updates could take up to one hour.

Sometimes Double Down Casino's payouts can get complex and your chip total might not be what you are expecting after a big win.

If you believe your chip total is not accurate, please contact Double Down Casino's with the following information so that Double Down Casino can investigate the cause of the miscalculation:

How many chips were lost?
When did you notice the chip total was incorrect?
What were you doing when the chips disappeared? (i.e. switching games, logging in)
If Double Down Casino's can verify the loss of chips in their records then they are likely to return those chips to you. The more information you can provide Double Down Casino, the more likely Double Down Casino can verify your lost chips.

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How do I submit my feedback to Double Down Casino?

We encourage Double Down Casino customers to tell Double Down Casino how they feel about Double Down Casino's products and services. DoubleDown Casino is always evolving and growing and input from their customers helps them determine the best way to go forward.

To send Double Down Casino feedback and suggestions, simply use the link below and it will take you to their help desk ... le=classic

Source: ... own-Casino

How can I maximize my chances of winning?

Just like real life casinos, our games can be approached with multiple strategies.

The best way to make your chips last longer is to do a little research and play smart. There is a large amount of information available out there regarding strategies for casino games that will reduce the house edge as much as possible and increase your chances of coming out ahead overall.

Slots are an exception in that the only strategy you can really leverage is the amount you bet with each spin. Even then, betting smaller amounts can help increase the number of chances of winning some chips and betting max lines can increase the odds of getting a jackpot. Betting higher amounts increases your winnings proportionately. So, if you have the chips to spare a few pulls at the max bet and max lines ($400,000 per spin) you can get that big win when you hit multiple pay lines.

Ultimately it's really about what is the most fun for you.

Whether you prefer playing low bets and spending more time playing the games or you prefer a few big bets in the hopes of winning lots of chips, you are ultimately in control of how you want to manage your game. ... of-winning

Why are Double Down Casino's slots so tight?

Double Down Casino's goal is to make their slots games as fun and compelling as possible. Double Down Casino's strategy to achieve this goal is to make a reasonable simulation of real life casino slot machines. Double Down Casino's has no control over individual players' winnings though they do have control over how likely it is for a winning spin to occur and Double Down Casino can weight spins and bonus rounds across their entire user base. This system is no different from how modern electronic slot machines handle winning odds. Although Double Down Casino have some control over how much their slots are paying out over time, individual spins are random.

This randomization is achieved by way of complex mathematical models that are seeded by a random number generator. Double Down Casino's development team tries to keep the odds on the slots as close to real world odds as possible to help replicate the experience of playing in a real casino, while making them slightly better so that players don't immediately run out of money.

Double Down Casino's regularly check the math model that they use and compare it with what they are seeing in day to day play in their game and make adjustments when necessary. Because of the inherent randomness of their random number generator and their slots payouts being closely based on real life slots payouts, you will experience an ebb and flow as far as how well you do.

Sometimes you will go on a winning streak and sometimes you will have a losing streak. Double Down Casino suggest that players who feel that they are on a losing streak try switching to a lower wager until they can build up their chip balance. Double Down Casino does not expect players to use all of their chips on a few spins in the off chance that they strike it big, but instead that they will spread their chips out and play lower amounts so they get more playtime and fun for their money.

If you feel their our slots are too tight then please let them know how you feel. You can send them your feedback through the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of this article. Make sure to select "feedback" as the reason for contact and "Too tight" as the type of feedback so that Double Down Casino can properly track the number of complaints they're receiving.

To Contact Double Down Casino: ... le=classic

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Why can't Double Down Casino give us more bonus rounds?

Your odds of winning a bonus round are completely random.

We know, through the mathematical models used by our slots games, that approximately 1 out of every 90 spins across all players will yield a bonus round. Still, the experience for each individual will vary widely. Some people might only see a bonus round once in 500 spins and some will get a bonus round after only 20 spins.

In the end it all averages out to approximately a 1 in 90 chance for a bonus spin. It is the randomness that makes slots games exciting!

Double Down Casino's ultimate goal is to make their games fun and challenging. Sometimes they may adjust the rate of bonus rounds to make them more frequent but also payout slightly less in order to keep the payout rate the same. You may have a preference for more bonus rounds with a lower payout or more infrequent bonus rounds with a bigger payoff when you hit them. Double Down Casino would love to hear your opinion on this. For more information on how to send Double Down Casino your feedback please refer the contact Double Down Casino link below.

To Contact Double Down Casino: ... le=classic

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This FAQ will be updated frequently. If you have a question that is not answered create a thread in this area and someone will research the answer for you


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