Wonder Cards - Pirate Season

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Wonder Cards - Pirate Season

Post by Blondie » Sat Sep 30, 2023 8:19 pm

Pirate Season of Wonder Cards

Ensure that your bet amount is sufficient to unlock Wonder Cards. Upon selecting an amount, a notification will appear indicating if your bet qualifies for Wonder Cards and Bingo. The higher your bet, the greater the potential rewards.

Wonder Cards can be earned through the Daily Bonus Challenge and weekly Pyramid League rewards. Alternatively, you can be awarded a lucky orb to receive a card pack.

Unlike previous Wonder Card games, Pirate Season introduces a new format. Duplicates are not awarded, and there is no game to earn credits. Instead, credits are granted based on the number of cards collected. The bonus activates when reaching specific duplicate levels. Monitor the counter in the lower left corner for duplicate card count, and click to view the levels: 5 and up in points.

Upon completing a section, you'll receive the specified amount shown at the top of that page. Best of luck!

As always, thank you for being the BEST part of DDPCShares!


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